Google Chrome

September 2, 2008

After 10 minutes with the amazing new browser from Google, I am beyond impressed. I don’t get that very often with any beta software, mostly because it doesn’t incorperate all the features it will in the end, instablility, etc. But this is different. Yesterday there was annousment that google would release a browser. I read blogs every single day and haven’t heard anything about it! I accually read about it this morning after waking up and was a little skeptical. But 4:00PM, after a quick install (and it takes all your history/settings from your other browsers instantly) I was ready to surf the web. My web performerance tendencies started with just getting openDNS working on my computer, which did give me a little boost and some advanced parental control (To keep my wondering eyes, naturally). I really like the nice simplistic UI I don’t see much of in Windows. (Eww, native win32 apps.) I like the independently processed tabs too, because if openDNS does let us past something, then my PC is still safe. The settings are the most user friendly around, because they go by how advanced the settings are (Firefox is just advanced settings everywhere). It uses webkit, my favourite rendering engine too.

Chrome is my new favourite browser, until I find some flaw I hate. Honestly if you are using firefox and like it, don’t leave it. Just install gears and you have your own little chrome magic! Some flaws I will mention are not passing the acid3 test (Tis, tis, google!), no linux/mac support, google branding (I don’t like branding sorry), and the fact that if google doesn’t give it enough exposure, it will ultmatly fail as a browser. Now wouldn’t just suck! If you need to know more, read the comics!


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