SMS, A little bit outdated.

September 3, 2008

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t know much of anything about the SMS system at all. A wikipedia lookup told me a little bit, but not enough to design the next big thing. I know enough to say the system is a money-making disaster though. Hey, I can only complain so much about it. It is a good way to completely butcher the english language, and talk without saying a word. Another thing americans do to desocialize. (Along with TV shopping and “working from home”). Two flaws I can name right off the top of my head are these:

1) Rediculous 160 character limit. Verizon can boost this to 1120 with Verizon-to-verizon phones, but have you heard how much teenagers talk? It’s crazy! I personally have a keyboard on my phone so I can text a bit more then the whole “E.161” jazz. But if I need to convey some serious information over SMS for whatever reason 160 characters doesn’t fly.

2) The system was not made for the way it is currently used (Realisticly: abused). It was really made for telephone companies to relay billing information to their customers, not for a whole 2.4 billion people to abuse on a daily basis. I know that SMS is unreliable too, I mean those things fly through the air like hotcakes. 

So what should be done? Here is my simple idea. First off, we all have internet on our phones these days. I mean not all 3/4G but still at the least we have edge. Why not make SMS over the internet? Like email! There is a whole AWESOME infastrusture in place for that already made for heavy traffic! Then we could ditch the whole “160 characters” garbage. The way SMS works is it gets the message on the server & tries to relay it to the phone. And if the phone isn’t on, the message tries to resend for like 2 days and then just gets deleled. Really sucks! Why not just have it over a server-storage situation and DOWNLOAD ALL THE MESSAGES FROM THERE! I don’t really know what else to say about it but really, update the freaking system and give us cheaper texting!


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