Clean up windows!

September 7, 2008

Windows slowed down on you lately? here are some quick, free, no open your computer and shove in new hardware fixes!

1) Service pack 3 – This is a required update as far as I am concerned, so it will speed some stuff up on your PC like crazy, probably becuase windows tweaked startup stuff. I didn’t look into the techno differences.

2) CCleaner – Cleans out all your temporary files, junk, etc. Also includes an awesome registry cleaner! Worth a shot if you have a slow PC!

3) Defraggler – A hard drive/file defragmenter. Chances are defragmentation isn’t the only thing slowing your whole computer down, but it can make your hard drive work harder (and slower!) if not fixed. It takes some time but you can rest at night knowing your files are all together after running it!

4) Google Chrome – A free web browser from google. The FASTEST web browser I have ever used, I swear it. It is still in development and doesn’t work perfectly with everything (*cough* *cough*, facebook) but it works better with wordpress! Try it at least!

So will these programs make your computer a your calf of a computer a bull? Nope, you accually need new hardware to see speed like that. But hopefully they will help you get what you want done quicker!


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