Requiem is BROKEN!

September 16, 2008

Well iTunes took one more thing from me: requiem. Darn, I really enjoyed having MY music on my phone. I don’t even upload music. I just used requiem for my phone and other computer. I hate iTunes Fairplay. It’s NOT fair. Quite an oxymoron it is. I mean if I pay $.99, can I at least play it in a program with out a little ‘i’ in front of it? I guess not becuase apple wants to take over the world. Oh well, I am still gonna get a macbook.


2 Responses to “Requiem is BROKEN!”

  1. Just wait requiem is a work in progress the creator has stated that he is working on it and will release a new version soon… Please note that it might be he has to break back into the new itunes to get the info he needs… So when I say soon realy 1 – 2 months max…

    KEEP YOUR CHIN UP… By the way on mac os requiem works just fine… 😉 JUST Dont Update the Damn Software before you decrypt all your damn songs…

  2. Kyle Hotchkiss Says:

    Yea, I learned the hard way. At least he’s working. I didn’t mention that because it says so on TPB but I don’t feel like free-neting it.

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