Do YOU gmail?

September 27, 2008

I gmail. Germanna gmails. Everyone should gmail!

  • 7GiB Free space
  • good filter system
  • pop/imap import/export! FOR FREE!!!!!
  • IMAP!!!!! (Again because free IMAP is nice:])
  • Subtle Ads
  • Google search your email
  • fast
  • built in chat
  • Pushes to android/ iphone
  • Lots of features, yet simple enough for the average joe

Well I like gmail, these are the reasons I have for loving it. You probably have more! Whatever it is, GMail has less spam then Hotmail, and is faster then Yahoo! email. It also has subtle ads (They say they aren’t targeted, but they are :P) Despite still being made by humans, gmail isn’t perfect, but IT’S CALLING YOUR NAME!

{no screenshot because I have MAIL in my gmail!}


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