Have some fun with ubuntu!

September 27, 2008

A screenshot of Ubuntu

A screenshot of Ubuntu

Ever wanted to see what the all the jazz that “Ubuntu” is? Well you can do it now! No CD’s, no losing Windows, no geek magic to make your computer start. In fact you can do it all in Windows… the only requirement –  a fast computer (I recommend a dual core processor + 2GB memory minimum).  Specifically all we are doing is running Ubuntu in something called a virtual machine, a program that emulates computer hardware.

Instead of making you find the links to download the files, I will give them to you! If you know what you’re doing, feel free to have at the downloads yourself. Or try Kubuntu!

1) First off we want to download and install something called VirtualBox. Download it here!

2) Then we want to get our Ubuntu disk image. Don’t forget where you saved this! It is important later! Download it here!

3) Now we want to install VirtualBox. If you already have good for you! With the install of VirtualBox, just keep all the options to the default and when you get the “Not supported by windows” error, just click “Continue Installition”. This may happen twice, it won’t hurt your computer, I can pretty much say that out of experence.

4) Now we are going to create our Ubuntu Virtual Machine. First we will go to Start > All Programs > Sun xVM VirtualBox > VirtualBox. If it asks you to register, just give them your name/email and click “Do not use this information to contact me” and they won’t :). Now I will go to the Screenshots Tour section!

TADA! You got ubuntu! Sorry for the low quality over all of the tutorial, I didn’t have the time to make it longer 😛


2 Responses to “Have some fun with ubuntu!”

  1. Just so you know, Ubuntu actually only needs 64mb of RAM.

  2. Kyle Hotchkiss Says:

    eh, with this it is sharing ram with windows, so for ubuntu to run nice and quick, we boost that to keep it all from swapping which is kinda annoying

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