Texting vs. Morse Code

October 16, 2008

Well today I was thinking about Morse code. You hit the button oh so many times, then pow! The other guy gets the message. Hmm, now what other system sounds just like that. How about texting?

Lets take a look:


Now, you may wonder, does this get to me? Because technology is supposed to be moving forward, not in reverse! Tapping buttons to communicate with our buddies is so Samuel Morse ago. Why haven’t we moved on to talking, or voice conferencing on our phones yet (Note: currently being invented)? Is it because we are so preoccupied doing almost nothing as it is that we have to type our dearest memories and personal thoughts on a phone and hit send instead of risking showing emotion over the phone, or in person? And then we go use our phones 3 feet away from each other to text. Talk about clogging the system for people that might need it for 911!

My final take: we should move on from pressing buttons, and go with that click to talk feature. Same concept of quick communication, just less profitable on the wireless providers side.

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