TCP/IP over 1394 in Vista!

November 6, 2008

Microsoft, for whatever reason, decided to take 1394 networking out of vista. I have no clue why they thought that was a smart move, because with some computers 1394 Ad Hoc networking is 300MB/s faster! Well I found an alternate driver (it must be on both PCs) that makes it possible to use that functionality. Here are the drivers. Just give some fake information and click the correct ubCore driver for your system (32/64 bit). Now you may see this Firenet thing costing $20 and thinking you have to pay it, but afaic you don’t, just get the ubCore driver and you’re set. Now this thing looks like a pain to install (Click continue installation for all those pesky windows certification who-cares-what-it-is-windows.). Then you need bonjour/avahi to make sure your PCs recieve IP addresses over the cable. Now the possibilities of this are seeming limited because I couldn’t really get filesharing to work over it, sometimes they say they connect and don’t, etc. I got a BF2 Server/client model over it and it worked well, but as for other uses you may have to figure it out yourself. If you find something cool, let me know! I still kinda want to see what happens when you hook it up to linux, etc. Honestly, I haven’t really got around to the ethernet ad hoc network yet!


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