December 27, 2008

I give up, I gave in.

I have known about the OSX86 project for a while now and decided at 1:30 last night to research it deeper. I gave in, they finally made the software where you can boot an actual install disk from Apple opposed to having to make one. I have always wanted to try the OSX86 project, but the legality of it scared me away. While this software still breaks the licence agreement (Which is fine with me), I can use OSX without actual pirating. I respect Apple and all of the wonderful software they make so it’s all good. I have to download the install disk at first just to run some tests to make sure this thing is gonna run on my laptop, which it should. I am excited! The only bad thing is that you have to use a CD to boot OS X every time, because when you install it, it’s still a vanilla kernel and needs EFI or whatever. But all the other configuration that needs to be done is just drivers and configuration files (Another day with linux c:). In the end if it doesn’t work with me, it’s all good. The 50 things every geek should have article has plenty more for me to try, and yes, that article is the reason I am trying OSX86 🙂

Want to take a look for yourself on how this all works? Here is the link.


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