Come one people, if you don’t get your eyes off that screen once a week, you’ll end up making a fool of yourself as I do here. Good times really 🙂



November 6, 2008

I have been lazy, blogging is hardly a hobby of mine unless I have something interesting to post!
and I like to keep my personal life online restricted to facebook only! But I haven’t left good ol’ wordpress yet!

Wrap Up

October 3, 2008

Sorry I missed posting a lot this week, my parents booted me off their computer, so I can’t take the time to blog there and at school either. So here’s the dirt:

– I got a new laptop. It rocks! It’s a special edition HP and is really beautiful.

– With the new laptop, I got my hands on vista and wifi at last. Vista is new, but the security is ridiculous. Every freaking window comes with a permission box. Talk about unproductive

– WiFi, being new to me WiFi is pretty much awesome. I am not allowed to have WiFi at my house, but my neibors have it. So I can check my email on my bed! It is so awesome! Downside: openDNS is a pain with my laptop, so I had to ditch it and hope firefox and mcafee can take care of me.

– I have an incredible desire to play simcity. It looks like a lot of fun.

– 12 cell laptop batteries are the junk. Man, 6 hours of battery life? No way!

– I am getting good grades in school. Especially all 3 computer classes.

– Some girl wants me now. It kinda is really nice to finally hear that. Your Junior year.

– I applied to Ukrops for some reason.

Well that sums it up. I need to use windows live writer and just draft stuff. Post again soon!

I got a laptop!

September 25, 2008

 Well I finally ordered a laptop today.

It looks nice!

It looks nice!



It looks nice!

It looks nice!

It looks nice!

It looks nice!

Well as far as I’m concerned,  best buy is trying to get rid of them, and being the only ones who sell this computer, I don’t think many more will get their hands on one. here’s a link, but I honestly think you won’t see it too much longer. I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into picking it, it’s a HP (My favourite company, personally), looks really nice (I am a sucker for pretty computer stuff), has 2.1GHZ Centrino, 256MiB graphics nvidia 8400, 3GiB ram (Why so odd?), and has vista, which I have pobabaly 30 minutes top experience with. But most importantly it looks nice and will run my games better then my moms and my hp desktops (Yea, I have a 128MiB GeForce 6800, for ubuntu graphics of course). The jealousy factor long outlives. I saw it at best buy in the store and while a little bit slower mouse wise, It was good. So I am more then sure I’ll be happy with it!

Well being I ordered it, I will have to wait until next week to hold it 😛

See you at the pole!

September 21, 2008


Do you like Jesus? Do you go to school? Are you within the vicinity of a flagpole Wednesday, September 24? Then I want to SEE YOU AT THE POLE!

All the schools across the nation are going out to the flagpole 30 minutes before school begins and praying in front of people! Praying for whatever needs prayer… Presidential elections (*Cough* *Cough* McCain), Wars (*Cough* *Cough* Iraq), Oil crisis, and of course a revival of Christianity would be wonderful too, so pray for that. Umm, I am also praying an earthquake comes and makes Hollywood collapse in because those famous people are destroying out morals and need to live in a cave and spread their STDs down there.

No really, pray for school, your life, missionaries, etc. If you see someone out there and are scared, go for it! I was afraid, but that’s how I found all the cool Christian people at my school 🙂