Burning CDs is HOT now!

December 30, 2008

Isn’t InfraRecorder cool?

Look at my CD burning!?! It's on FIRE!

Look at my CD burning!?! It's on FIRE!

OK, so maybe that program can wreak a CD until it’s nothing but trash, but using it in vista is fun!


Why the new name.

December 29, 2008

Good question. Needed a little more jazz then just “Kyle’s Blog” and yes there is a word that rhymes with it and a very famous guy lived there.

Don’t get me wrong – I have a super vague idea of how quantum physics and encryption go. I do know that it can exist in any form while being sent. Somehow I have realized that sounds a lot like how girls think. They say one thing but mean something else. (Hence the many forms whilst transmitting.). They also can contradict themselves quite often and think that because you are a boy you won’t notice but BAM, caught in transmission. Once caught it has one form and you know what it means! And they can use this to talk to each other, but guys lack the power to decrypt it!

Okay, I have my first girlfriend and she can confuse me with what she says. I’m sure the guy who discovered quantum stuff thought it over and just named it quantum to make it sound like it only exists in other dimensions. Buddy, you’ve been caught.

Myspace has recently implemented a new feature called “People you may know”. Hmm, that sounds vaguely familiar! I don’t think coping facebook is going to bring you guys back up in the long run. Facebook did it right the first time, so give them the glory.

Here’s my take on it:
1) It doesn’t work. I don’t know those people.
2) Who are they? How can I tell who they are when they have those unreadable Myspace names? I can’t. The terrible self pictures don’t help.
3) The “Show More” button does nothing other then refresh the current page. I would much rather have the button be labeled “refresh”.

So yeah, It’s not helping me. What’s the point Myspace?

Browser Feature Request

December 28, 2008

Err… this is an awkward way of making a feature request but I don’t feel like being ignored by the forums over at mozilla or webkit.

When you are on a site that requires images to be uploaded, don’t you find it annoying how when you click the select button, the window takes you to the program files where your browser is located? I wish that developers could pass on a tag that makes that window open where your pictures are defualted. (Example: <… loc=”userPhotos” … />) so that users would not have to climb around their files to get to their pictures folder. I don’t think this is a hard thing to implement, just make some code, and check a dictionary/config files for the directory list. The only problem would be, if this became a standard, internet explorer would add about 15 more directory locations then mozilla and webkit would use, therefore making web development a drag like they typically do (Have you seen IE8?)

OK people, I understand not wanting to pay, program, or translate for an open source program, but really, the easiest way to repay is to seed if you torrent the Operating system. I say try to get that ratio to 1.0 if it’s a 700mB CD. If you download a dvd, you prolly have .5 already. It’d be nice if people went to 2.0 but I wouldn’t expect that. But if you are just leeching, you’re being a pain the rear.



Thanks for this christmas gift guys! No more web editing on notepad 🙂

Hmm… I see potential for a Portable App here!