If you are exceptionally bored, or feeling really nerdy :-), check out some of my favourite blogs sometime!

1) http://news.cnet.com/crave/
If you ever have the slightest desire to see where technology is going about every hour of the day, check out CNet Crave, it has proved to be an outstanding place for technological news, new products, and honest to goodness options on some stuff. With constant updates, this will give you something to do while bored in the office, at home, or if you’re like me, the three computer classes you sit in.

2) http://engadget.com
Engadget has been a pretty killer blog with technical topics from Apple to Wii. They have some of the latest dirt on all the products being developed, rumors from the wild on many things, products being released in Asia that we will never touch, software (to a limit), and of course, tons of video game stuff for all you gamers. I like it the most because of the mobile blog and the new laptop information (like something new everyday!).

3) http://macrumors.com
Let me start with saying it like it is. This is for the straight up apple fan boy. If you even like apple a little bit, this site will give you all the dirt on apple you will ever want to know. From what apple has patented, to what apple is making, to what day the release is, a review once it’s released, and of course, to when the updates are around the corner! I just love hearing when I can get a nice new aluminum macbook the most, because plastic is so last year.

4) http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/
This blog isn’t for anyone normal. It has lots of topics/options on .NET programming (which I don’t know), but the thoughts he gives on a lot of the subjects (dissing Microsoft) really got me for some reason. He mentions a lot of low level issues with the .NET programming language, and other thoughts of him. I find it interesting, but you will probably fall asleep on it.

5) http://news.opensuse.org
My favourite Linux distribution, but the sad fact is I can’t find the desire to use it. I really do love Novell’s open source involvement, but openSUSE has nothing to offer me… Sorry! I still like to see where it’s going because it is moving up the Linux scales at an exciting rate!


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