OK people, I understand not wanting to pay, program, or translate for an open source program, but really, the easiest way to repay is to seed if you torrent the Operating system. I say try to get that ratio to 1.0 if it’s a 700mB CD. If you download a dvd, you prolly have .5 already. It’d be nice if people went to 2.0 but I wouldn’t expect that. But if you are just leeching, you’re being a pain the rear.




Thanks for this christmas gift guys! No more web editing on notepad 🙂

Hmm… I see potential for a Portable App here!


December 27, 2008

I give up, I gave in.

I have known about the OSX86 project for a while now and decided at 1:30 last night to research it deeper. I gave in, they finally made the software where you can boot an actual install disk from Apple opposed to having to make one. I have always wanted to try the OSX86 project, but the legality of it scared me away. While this software still breaks the licence agreement (Which is fine with me), I can use OSX without actual pirating. I respect Apple and all of the wonderful software they make so it’s all good. I have to download the install disk at first just to run some tests to make sure this thing is gonna run on my laptop, which it should. I am excited! The only bad thing is that you have to use a CD to boot OS X every time, because when you install it, it’s still a vanilla kernel and needs EFI or whatever. But all the other configuration that needs to be done is just drivers and configuration files (Another day with linux c:). In the end if it doesn’t work with me, it’s all good. The 50 things every geek should have article has plenty more for me to try, and yes, that article is the reason I am trying OSX86 🙂

Want to take a look for yourself on how this all works? Here is the link.

MBRs (Master Boot Records) can be a pain in the butt when it comes to Windows, Ubuntu, and switching between the two. If you delete the Linux partition whilst using GRUB, you have lost your ability to boot. I did that a couple days ago and it took me about 8 hours to fix my laptop (Alright, I could of done it in 1 but I wasn’t interested in reinstalling Ubuntu). Turns out Super Grub Disk isn’t all it ought to be (Still having to do with the fact my computer was having errors burning CDs with InfraRecorder, and it wreaked the disk to the point where I stuck it in the drive and nothing would open -> CD DoS Attack?) and I eventually had to give in and use UNetbootin to try it. I tried a bunch of the bootloaders that UNetbootin had to offer, still little luck. They either locked, or said they were booting and weren’t. After a while, I just gave up, installed Ubuntu, and fixed the problem from inside Vista (Fixmbr anyone?). After all this I realized, all it takes is some idiot to run that program wrong, and that computer is unbootable until you want to pay to fix it and really, who has that Microsoft restore CD, manufacturers just include that annoying restore program with no repair functionality?

So if someone were to buffer overflow something, they could run a program with similar functionality that wipes the mbr. I actually think that program can do that! So is there a solution to this problem? I say smarter bios that can read partitions and boot them without a pesky MBR. Or a MBR that can only be overwritten by a program made by the HDD manufacturer (Trustworthy people I say!).

With this comes a bigger issue. With a ruined MBR, your computer is still there somewhere, waiting to be awoke. If you destory the file tables, you’ve lost data. Hmm, couldn’t we implent these in a way that can’t be easily exploited? Come on Micrsoft, people hate you. When they read this, you may have an issue.

What’s up!

December 20, 2008

Ok so I’ve realized that blogging isn’t a daily hobby of mine now. So I won’t make promices 🙂

I am taking linux off of my laptop. I need the space for music, and if there was iTunes for linux, screw windows! So I can’t try kde 4.1, amarok 2 (i will for windows, sounds exciting), and kdenlive (I wish vmware was faster!)

Swim team website is going well, I want my own now!

Partitioning management in vista is alright (compared to nonexsitant in xp). Not useful yet. Delete partitions? yea, move partitions? Nope. I need to fix my MBR too… but you can only do that with a vista disk… WTF? the program is prolly 355kb why can’t msoft include it?

I hope that apple will come to macworld and say “PRESENTING SNOW LEAPORD… COMPATIBLE WITH PC’S!” Belive me, I would ditch windows that instant. I won’t pirate osx (with osx86) cause apple has mean lawyers. But really, I want OS X!

1. When you import CD’s, MD5sum it to the songs on the server… too many scratches? Just give the people a clean copy of the song.

2. DVD import. Handbrake is a wonderful program, but iTunes can handle videos quite well.

3. No DRM. Come on, I just requiem my DRM’d music anyways. It’s a stupid waste of resources.

Yea, so I bought 5 tv episodes on trains yesterday, hmm, where did all the HD download options go? I could have sworn you could get things in HD on itunes before, did they downgrade? Come on, my screen is 1280×800 not 320×240 people.

So you know how when you have a bad wireless signal and you submit some information only to find it didn’t make it? So naturally you click refresh and then it comes up -> that devil popup window. “Would you like to resubmit the form?” Ahh… to begin with I hate those pesky popups that take away the focus from the window your working on to begin with (solution: system tray notifcation, they don’t take away productivity). And to make it any worse it will continue to pop that up until it sends the from, which would be never! I think it is sad it still does this; IE, Firefox, and Chrome suffer from this. Safari does the same thing, but the apple way. For crying out loud, can’t you set that as a default, or a setting? We work a little faster then popups nowadays.