MySpace Music? What a day!

September 25, 2008

MySpace music received a worthy update today:


It looks nicer… It loads slower… It sounds better… It has more features and doesn’t look fake… Still being MySpace I know the code behind it is really twisted and being new, is vulnerable to all kinds of new hacks I’m sure. Still with playlist support, more artists will upload more music, and MySpace users will probably ditch project playlist, which was the goal I am sure. It still has that colorful music visualizer that doesn’t work. Waste of code, really. Well that’s where anberlin is, not purevolume which I enjoy a lot more.


Random Summery

September 24, 2008

Here is a random summery of some events:

Anberlin has their whole album streaming on myspace

The “google phone” makes a debut

The blackberry storm leaks are starting to seem like they are coming FROM verizon.

WordPress has a cool new theme! Holla! (I’m using it now!)

I might get a laptop. I’ve got the money!

The alaska railroad sounds excessivly appealing to me. I want to take my senior trip on it.

Windows 7 is starting to leak as well. Looks as if windows live is going to replace the terrible, terrible prebuilt microsoft programs. People might accually use windows 7 as vista is quite the failure.