Browser Feature Request

December 28, 2008

Err… this is an awkward way of making a feature request but I don’t feel like being ignored by the forums over at mozilla or webkit.

When you are on a site that requires images to be uploaded, don’t you find it annoying how when you click the select button, the window takes you to the program files where your browser is located? I wish that developers could pass on a tag that makes that window open where your pictures are defualted. (Example: <… loc=”userPhotos” … />) so that users would not have to climb around their files to get to their pictures folder. I don’t think this is a hard thing to implement, just make some code, and check a dictionary/config files for the directory list. The only problem would be, if this became a standard, internet explorer would add about 15 more directory locations then mozilla and webkit would use, therefore making web development a drag like they typically do (Have you seen IE8?)


So you know how when you have a bad wireless signal and you submit some information only to find it didn’t make it? So naturally you click refresh and then it comes up -> that devil popup window. “Would you like to resubmit the form?” Ahh… to begin with I hate those pesky popups that take away the focus from the window your working on to begin with (solution: system tray notifcation, they don’t take away productivity). And to make it any worse it will continue to pop that up until it sends the from, which would be never! I think it is sad it still does this; IE, Firefox, and Chrome suffer from this. Safari does the same thing, but the apple way. For crying out loud, can’t you set that as a default, or a setting? We work a little faster then popups nowadays.