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October 5, 2008

Now that I finally got my laptop, I had to take a picture of all my computers and other random gadgets. Ok, so there isn’t that many, but for a 16 year old, more then a fair share!


Ok, so here is what I have:

  • HP Pavilion a808x – this is my first computer for myself, it really still works nice too. It has 512MiB ram (I never felt like paying $20 to upgrade), a nvidia 6200 with 128MiB ram (I only got it for ubuntu’s desktop effects…), and a single core 2.2GHZ processor by AMD. It is currently running ubuntu. My brother kind of shares this one with me, so it runs Windows XP as well.
  • Dell Inspiron 6250 – This laptop is 7 years old and S-L-O-W! My parents pretty much let it go to me. It has a 20GIB super slow hard drive to begin with, so it already has problems. Then it’s a slap in the face with 1.6GHZ single core processor, and 256MiB of ram. But on the bright side has a nvidia 2 go and an Ethernet port. So what do I do with it? Nothing. The batteries shot. It runs XP and occasionally ubuntu, if I feel like running ubuntu on 5GiB of space.
  • HP Pavilion DV6885SE – My new laptop. I love it! It has a dual core 2.1GHZ processor, 3GiB of ram, 250GiB of hard drive, a nvidia 8400, a 12 cell battery, and just plain looks awesome being a “special edition”. It has WiFi too, something I had never gotten to play with. This is my favorite and newest computer. It runs Vista, which is new as well to me. It’s what I am writing this post in right now! I highly recommend HPs now that I have two.
  • Sony Handycam DCR-HC38 – My camcorder I don’t use much. I am not really inspired to use it at the second, but it’s nice to have around, because you never know when you need to video document something without a digital camera, laptop, or phone. Yes people, a device that only records video.
  • Apple iPod Nano (3rd Gen) – Had it for a year now, 4GiB of space, it’s cool with a case, I use it every day and charge it every two weeks. I don’t have a cable for it anymore, so it has only 400 songs I am getting sick of. But I probably won’t upgrade, with a case it’s fine.
  • LG Voyager (VX10000) – My phone, and I like it! With the newest software update it’s fine. I always use it for texting, I don’t have the money to activate all the other programs. It can do it all though. With the case, I dropped it 6+ feet onto a road, and it only left a scratch. I have a train as a background! I know hacks for it because I really get sick of the locked-ness of the whole thing.

Well I have a old calculator too, It’s buried in my bookbag though. Being HP it deserves to make it to the list. As do the pile of cables I have. But as I said, I am good computer wise. I just try really hard to keep my stuff nice!


My new calculator – HP 48G

September 27, 2008

I am super excited. I got a calculator (maybe it’ll take my mind off of waiting for my laptop). Why am I exctied? because my calculator is worth a lot of money, and I got it for free, suckers.

Here are my inital takes on it:

  • About the size of most TIs, while it is only a HP
  • Lives up to HPs quality standards.
  • 15 years old (wow, about 1 year younger then me)
  • A tad bit slow, with bigger algebraic stuff
  • Probably made for engineers, this calculator has a lot of stuff I don’t understand as a Jouior on it, but can probably get me through college
  • Expandable memory, inferred transfer, serial port (no cable :P)
  • 128K RAM, which was pretty big back then I assume because the packaging made a big deal of it.
  • STEEP LEARNING CURVE. It has 1.25 inch thick instruction manual. And this isn’t a calculator you can hand to a friend for a math problem, even doing basic arithmetic takes going through the instruction manual (lets say this –  the easiest way to put in math is reverse polish notation)
  • It has unit conversion, so I might pass chemistry now.
  • The keypad is confusing and not organized like the ones now are
  • to solve a given anything, you have to press one of three butons, depending on whats entered.
  • when you screw up, it beeps at you. Cool!
  • It has a weird home screen. It works in stacks, which is very odd and uncommon, and again takes a learning curve
  • it came with a case. I like included cases. It must be HP and all of its amazing stuff.
  • the home screen can include a clock, so you can see what time it is when you are bored with the calculator.
  • It has 3D plotting. I won’t be using it, I’m sure.
  • It cost $350 in 1993, it would sell for $496.35 these days if it were first released (Inflation), and it sells on ebay for $100+ now realistically. I got mine for free.

Cool, eh? I know I am excited to baffle people at school with it. Why do you think I really got it anyways? To do math? The only math class I am in is Computer Math, and you know the most we do is 10101010 + 10010101.

My nice new 15 year old HP-48GX!

My nice new 15 year old HP-48GX!

What my HP-48GX came with.

What my HP-48GX came with.