This one is really a rare scenario for the most part, but if you are in some sort of C++ programming class, using TurboC++ (Dos program), you can access the Windows Command Prompt. While I have found how to do this, the trick is finding what to do once you get there. I mean, if you have exploits on your thumb drive, this could be a means of reaching it? The systems here are locked up to the point where firefox can’t update it’s self. So the usefulness of this is at your digression. 

1. Find and open TurboC++. It should be full screen.

2. Click on edit > command prompt (If this is wrong, I can’t fix it until later because the schools computers don’t even let me access this blog.)

3. Fire away, defeat the man. Once you get on it, have some fun. I don’t believe the school system has updated to SP3 (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) and I really hate the proxies that keep me off of facebook!