1. When you import CD’s, MD5sum it to the songs on the server… too many scratches? Just give the people a clean copy of the song.

2. DVD import. Handbrake is a wonderful program, but iTunes can handle videos quite well.

3. No DRM. Come on, I just requiem my DRM’d music anyways. It’s a stupid waste of resources.

Yea, so I bought 5 tv episodes on trains yesterday, hmm, where did all the HD download options go? I could have sworn you could get things in HD on itunes before, did they downgrade? Come on, my screen is 1280×800 not 320×240 people.


Why iTunes fails.

September 17, 2008

iTunes is fun and nice. But it’s also super bloated and slow (windows). But those two things aren’t why teenagers are ditching itunes for alternative programs.

While the iPod is a great concept, saddly to apples loss, it will never be everyones music player. It’s mine, and I like it, but some people don’t have the money, or for the most part, an interest in apples media system. Why? Because they were made for each other, and each other only! I can’t use itunes to put music on my phone! I can’t use rhapsody to put music on my ipod! So what if someone has an old computer and they receive a shiny new ipod for Christmas? They’re screwed, that’s what! Their computer doesn’t have the ability to run a program of that much usage. Right now, with my windows pc, with itunes inactive, it is hogging 60MiB of ram from me! And itunes will run in the tray and you’ll never know it too! Itunes also has a little catch called DRM from it’s store. that means that the music you buy will only ever be playable on apple’s devices. (Ahem, noone has ever got past it…) and that is stopping you from even getting Mp3 files from itunes. I mean by default it uses AAC MP4 so it’s incompatible with most programs off the bat. Well I do have one positive thing to say, itunes plus. Yep, look for the grey cross when you buy music and BAM no more drm there! 

The number one reason iTunes is failing? It doesn’t give you free music like ol’ limewire does 😀