Difficulty: Easy – Moderate

Goal: To change the appearance of Firefox using several techniques.

Firefox is a great browser for many reasons. As soon as you switch to it, there is a noticeable difference in performance, convenience, security – and even appearance. Firefox boasts the ability to change appearance either rearranging the buttons and menus, or with a complete makeover with themes. Are you not using Firefox, but suddenly want to? Download it here.

This is an example of what Firefox can look like after you fix it up. Yours does not have to look like this, that is the beauty of Firefox, it's what YOU want!

This is an example of what Firefox can look like after you fix it up. Yours does not have to look like this, that is the beauty of Firefox, it's what YOU want!

Step 1: Turn off the status and side bar.
Turning off the status and sidebar doesn’t contribute to the look of Firefox too much, but does give you more screen real estate. What you do is go to the View menu in Firefox, find the Status Bar item, and uncheck it. Then to remove the sidebar, click the View button again, find the Sidebar submenus, and make sure all those items are unchecked. Now you should have a little more space for looking at your sites!

Step 2: Rearrange your menus.
Rearranging your menu items also saves some space, and gives you a chance to make it what you like it to be. What you do is go to the bookmarks toolbar, right click, and then in the menu that pops up, Uncheck your bookmarks menu. Then that bar with Live Feed and Most Visited disappears. Now go to where you can get that menu again (Right click in the toolbar) and click Customize this time. A window like this pops up:

The Customize menu allows you to add and remove stuff from your toolbars.

The Customize menu allows you to add and remove stuff from your toolbars.

When this window opens up, you can add and remove icons from your menus (Drag N’ Drop), and the menus actually unlock so you can rearrange them (You can rearrange them like mine, and if it doesn’t look right make sure the “Use Small Icons” box is checked and that you turn off the navigation toolbar when you are done). When y0u are done, click the “Done” button and tada, just the way you want it!

Step 3: Pick a theme.
Visit the Firefox Addons Site and find a theme you like. When you find just the right one, click “Install” and a window will come up with its status. When it finishes, it will need to restart. When Firefox reopens, it will have the new theme automatically installed! (If you find that isn’t the right one, go to the Tools menu and click Add Ons. Click on the Themes icons, and then click the default icon, then click Use Theme. It will have reset.)

Well I hope this guide has helped you in your Firefox journey! There are plenty more ways to configure Firefox, just take a Google at “Firefox Tweaks”.


Browser Feature Request

December 28, 2008

Err… this is an awkward way of making a feature request but I don’t feel like being ignored by the forums over at mozilla or webkit.

When you are on a site that requires images to be uploaded, don’t you find it annoying how when you click the select button, the window takes you to the program files where your browser is located? I wish that developers could pass on a tag that makes that window open where your pictures are defualted. (Example: <… loc=”userPhotos” … />) so that users would not have to climb around their files to get to their pictures folder. I don’t think this is a hard thing to implement, just make some code, and check a dictionary/config files for the directory list. The only problem would be, if this became a standard, internet explorer would add about 15 more directory locations then mozilla and webkit would use, therefore making web development a drag like they typically do (Have you seen IE8?)

So you know how when you have a bad wireless signal and you submit some information only to find it didn’t make it? So naturally you click refresh and then it comes up -> that devil popup window. “Would you like to resubmit the form?” Ahh… to begin with I hate those pesky popups that take away the focus from the window your working on to begin with (solution: system tray notifcation, they don’t take away productivity). And to make it any worse it will continue to pop that up until it sends the from, which would be never! I think it is sad it still does this; IE, Firefox, and Chrome suffer from this. Safari does the same thing, but the apple way. For crying out loud, can’t you set that as a default, or a setting? We work a little faster then popups nowadays.

Wrap Up

October 3, 2008

Sorry I missed posting a lot this week, my parents booted me off their computer, so I can’t take the time to blog there and at school either. So here’s the dirt:

– I got a new laptop. It rocks! It’s a special edition HP and is really beautiful.

– With the new laptop, I got my hands on vista and wifi at last. Vista is new, but the security is ridiculous. Every freaking window comes with a permission box. Talk about unproductive

– WiFi, being new to me WiFi is pretty much awesome. I am not allowed to have WiFi at my house, but my neibors have it. So I can check my email on my bed! It is so awesome! Downside: openDNS is a pain with my laptop, so I had to ditch it and hope firefox and mcafee can take care of me.

– I have an incredible desire to play simcity. It looks like a lot of fun.

– 12 cell laptop batteries are the junk. Man, 6 hours of battery life? No way!

– I am getting good grades in school. Especially all 3 computer classes.

– Some girl wants me now. It kinda is really nice to finally hear that. Your Junior year.

– I applied to Ukrops for some reason.

Well that sums it up. I need to use windows live writer and just draft stuff. Post again soon!