So this year I made the decision to ditch normal math, and go for a programming one. (It still gives me a math credit, MUHAHAHAHA) I had no more programming choices, so I just said whatever and went along with it. Yes, C++ is a BORING CLASS. I know more now then I did before, and it’s kind of nice knowing a lower level language, but really, I am a sucker for ruby. I am no programming genius but in ruby “if var.nil…” is the same as “if var = 0” in C++. And .nil works for stings, characters, arrays, etc. In c++ that could work with a integer! Which brings me to reason number two. data types. Ruby automatically knows what data type to use! I don’t have to use INT, FLOAT, DOUBLE, LONG, CHAR, OR STRING! AHH! COOL! Well I am in C++ and don’t plan on dropping, but ruby will remain my favorite language!