Alritght, where I live does a terrible job blocking sites. I mean I still can get on facebook and myspace at school! They are closing up on it though. Here are a few of my favorites still unblocked:

So you see, they have blocking software that can remove a site in seconds but the people running them are morons because instead of using a wildcard for all the subdomains (including www) they type in each subdomain! (Like instead of * Well I can’t complain!


So this year I made the decision to ditch normal math, and go for a programming one. (It still gives me a math credit, MUHAHAHAHA) I had no more programming choices, so I just said whatever and went along with it. Yes, C++ is a BORING CLASS. I know more now then I did before, and it’s kind of nice knowing a lower level language, but really, I am a sucker for ruby. I am no programming genius but in ruby “if var.nil…” is the same as “if var = 0” in C++. And .nil works for stings, characters, arrays, etc. In c++ that could work with a integer! Which brings me to reason number two. data types. Ruby automatically knows what data type to use! I don’t have to use INT, FLOAT, DOUBLE, LONG, CHAR, OR STRING! AHH! COOL! Well I am in C++ and don’t plan on dropping, but ruby will remain my favorite language!

See you at the pole!

September 21, 2008


Do you like Jesus? Do you go to school? Are you within the vicinity of a flagpole Wednesday, September 24? Then I want to SEE YOU AT THE POLE!

All the schools across the nation are going out to the flagpole 30 minutes before school begins and praying in front of people! Praying for whatever needs prayer… Presidential elections (*Cough* *Cough* McCain), Wars (*Cough* *Cough* Iraq), Oil crisis, and of course a revival of Christianity would be wonderful too, so pray for that. Umm, I am also praying an earthquake comes and makes Hollywood collapse in because those famous people are destroying out morals and need to live in a cave and spread their STDs down there.

No really, pray for school, your life, missionaries, etc. If you see someone out there and are scared, go for it! I was afraid, but that’s how I found all the cool Christian people at my school 🙂

This one is really a rare scenario for the most part, but if you are in some sort of C++ programming class, using TurboC++ (Dos program), you can access the Windows Command Prompt. While I have found how to do this, the trick is finding what to do once you get there. I mean, if you have exploits on your thumb drive, this could be a means of reaching it? The systems here are locked up to the point where firefox can’t update it’s self. So the usefulness of this is at your digression. 

1. Find and open TurboC++. It should be full screen.

2. Click on edit > command prompt (If this is wrong, I can’t fix it until later because the schools computers don’t even let me access this blog.)

3. Fire away, defeat the man. Once you get on it, have some fun. I don’t believe the school system has updated to SP3 (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) and I really hate the proxies that keep me off of facebook!


September 4, 2008

School is a very inappropriate way to learn (imho) because of the schedule we are on! I mean waking up at 5:50AM is straight out not right for teenagers. Hasn’t it been proven teenagers need more sleep anyways? I have to go to bed at 9:30 now just to get enough rest for the next day, and the next day, and the next day. The worst part about this schedule is I get 7 hours of free time after school, which go into track, chores, and homework. So “the best 4 years of your life” turn into the worst.

My point: Make the elementary kids wake up at 6:00, they love it! But as for me, I enjoy seeing the sunshine when I wake up.