Myspace has recently implemented a new feature called “People you may know”. Hmm, that sounds vaguely familiar! I don’t think coping facebook is going to bring you guys back up in the long run. Facebook did it right the first time, so give them the glory.

Here’s my take on it:
1) It doesn’t work. I don’t know those people.
2) Who are they? How can I tell who they are when they have those unreadable Myspace names? I can’t. The terrible self pictures don’t help.
3) The “Show More” button does nothing other then refresh the current page. I would much rather have the button be labeled “refresh”.

So yeah, It’s not helping me. What’s the point Myspace?


Ok so browsing today led me to this wierd site. You know what, I’m not even linking to it. It gives too much power. Does every single freaking person need to create their own social network? I mean come on we have facebook, myspace, xanga, yahoo 360, and so many more “special interest” groups. People and grouping… Just make a facebook, and make a group! Don’t join another “social network” or heaven forbid make another! Cause you’ll hear it from me, facebook is it.