Grr… Windows time sync.

November 6, 2008

Wanna talk about not working? Yea, for the last few years I have always tried to get windows to update it’s time from the internet, which could be important for such things as i don’t know, their server operating system! Maybe they should 1) remove it, 2) fix it. Leaving a feature there that does nothing… for years… isn’t bringing windows up on my map. Linux can do NTP good though!


TCP/IP over 1394 in Vista!

November 6, 2008

Microsoft, for whatever reason, decided to take 1394 networking out of vista. I have no clue why they thought that was a smart move, because with some computers 1394 Ad Hoc networking is 300MB/s faster! Well I found an alternate driver (it must be on both PCs) that makes it possible to use that functionality. Here are the drivers. Just give some fake information and click the correct ubCore driver for your system (32/64 bit). Now you may see this Firenet thing costing $20 and thinking you have to pay it, but afaic you don’t, just get the ubCore driver and you’re set. Now this thing looks like a pain to install (Click continue installation for all those pesky windows certification who-cares-what-it-is-windows.). Then you need bonjour/avahi to make sure your PCs recieve IP addresses over the cable. Now the possibilities of this are seeming limited because I couldn’t really get filesharing to work over it, sometimes they say they connect and don’t, etc. I got a BF2 Server/client model over it and it worked well, but as for other uses you may have to figure it out yourself. If you find something cool, let me know! I still kinda want to see what happens when you hook it up to linux, etc. Honestly, I haven’t really got around to the ethernet ad hoc network yet!

My Stuff

October 5, 2008

Now that I finally got my laptop, I had to take a picture of all my computers and other random gadgets. Ok, so there isn’t that many, but for a 16 year old, more then a fair share!


Ok, so here is what I have:

  • HP Pavilion a808x – this is my first computer for myself, it really still works nice too. It has 512MiB ram (I never felt like paying $20 to upgrade), a nvidia 6200 with 128MiB ram (I only got it for ubuntu’s desktop effects…), and a single core 2.2GHZ processor by AMD. It is currently running ubuntu. My brother kind of shares this one with me, so it runs Windows XP as well.
  • Dell Inspiron 6250 – This laptop is 7 years old and S-L-O-W! My parents pretty much let it go to me. It has a 20GIB super slow hard drive to begin with, so it already has problems. Then it’s a slap in the face with 1.6GHZ single core processor, and 256MiB of ram. But on the bright side has a nvidia 2 go and an Ethernet port. So what do I do with it? Nothing. The batteries shot. It runs XP and occasionally ubuntu, if I feel like running ubuntu on 5GiB of space.
  • HP Pavilion DV6885SE – My new laptop. I love it! It has a dual core 2.1GHZ processor, 3GiB of ram, 250GiB of hard drive, a nvidia 8400, a 12 cell battery, and just plain looks awesome being a “special edition”. It has WiFi too, something I had never gotten to play with. This is my favorite and newest computer. It runs Vista, which is new as well to me. It’s what I am writing this post in right now! I highly recommend HPs now that I have two.
  • Sony Handycam DCR-HC38 – My camcorder I don’t use much. I am not really inspired to use it at the second, but it’s nice to have around, because you never know when you need to video document something without a digital camera, laptop, or phone. Yes people, a device that only records video.
  • Apple iPod Nano (3rd Gen) – Had it for a year now, 4GiB of space, it’s cool with a case, I use it every day and charge it every two weeks. I don’t have a cable for it anymore, so it has only 400 songs I am getting sick of. But I probably won’t upgrade, with a case it’s fine.
  • LG Voyager (VX10000) – My phone, and I like it! With the newest software update it’s fine. I always use it for texting, I don’t have the money to activate all the other programs. It can do it all though. With the case, I dropped it 6+ feet onto a road, and it only left a scratch. I have a train as a background! I know hacks for it because I really get sick of the locked-ness of the whole thing.

Well I have a old calculator too, It’s buried in my bookbag though. Being HP it deserves to make it to the list. As do the pile of cables I have. But as I said, I am good computer wise. I just try really hard to keep my stuff nice!